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*sits in here and claims shoutbox as own* >8D
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Artist | Digital Art

Commissions are Open!

Prices are un USD$

Chibi $20
CC by LukyAnCFon by LukyAnCCC:Reita by LukyAnCCC: Lilith by LukyAnC

Loli style $30
Joshua and Alexandra by LukyAnCEmma by LukyAnCLuna and Kai 2 by LukyAnC

Celshading full body $35 (Extra character $30)
Otherworlde charas by LukyAnC Blush blush by LukyAnC Boo by LukyAnC

Celshading bust shot $20
Caswen by LukyAnCArvella by LukyAnCRoss by LukyAnCOdroah by LukyAnC

CG full body $40 (extra character $35, + simple background $5) (ask for complex backgrounds)
Dino Tamer Mista! by LukyAnCErica by LukyAnCHe is a refined squirrel by LukyAnCThis is a room. by LukyAnCDino Tamer Mista 2 by LukyAnC

Manga Pages $50-$60 depending on complexity.
Mp2 by LukyAnCOW page 2 by LukyAnCDj-kid 2 by LukyAnC

Only drawing references accepted. Complex characters or long haired characters could charge a little more.

1.- Send me a note with:
Title: "Commission"
Character(s): name and serie in case of fanart, and name and link in case of oc's, also information about their personality, what they like etc.
Suggestion: what they're doing, or pose, or tell me if
you prefer I choose. (if you want an specific pose please send me examples : >)
Commission type: Lineart/Celshading/CG and if it's
Fullbody, chibi, halfbody etc
Paypal account: your name account (please include it,
this way I can know which is your pay :>)

2.-I will tell you if I accept ir ot not, My paypal account is ...don't send the funds before I accept your

3.-You send the payment

4.-I will show you the sketch when I have it, then you can change anything you want. When the drawin is finished I only can do minor changes.

5.- I give you the final drawing.
You will get:a PNG image of 2000+ x 2500+ px. 300dpi and if you want the .psd/.sai tell me and I'll give it to you.

-Graphic hentai (ecchi is ok)
-animals (I can try, but I am not very good drawing animals)

(Anthro's are ok, more human than animal)
-Old people

-Any other things are not in "I don't acept", I think XD

Facts you should know:
-I don't work with deadlines. I try to finish the commissions as soon as I can, but sometimes I cant. So your commission could be finished from 1 week to 2 or even more than a month (however, usually they are finished the same month you order it)
-I not promise to finish your commission in the order of who paid me first. (but I try to respet the order)

(in case you want other kind of commission feel free to ask ^^)


6.- Plagen

Update + levels

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 3:30 PM

Bullet; Blue Lucius says Bullet; Blue  

      CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK! *puts a flower garland in each one of the guest*. With the current  war, surviving each day is something to celebrate! Specially now that seems to start looking an actually active war!  AH MAN, I so want to participate... AGGIE, BOO! LET'S MAKE THE HOSTS TOWER! >8D

Anyway, besides the war you may have realized here in the mansion, depending on how many secrets or mysteries you have solved, you get a different status and even power. A higher level, so to speak. And where are all these misteries, and puzzles and secrets and activities? Well, ALL AROUND THE MANSION of course. But you can go here… to find a lot of them. The hosts and tutors are working actively on getting you more activies, and we will be getting more "levels" for you soon! 

So enjoy of this war and the activies! MAKE YOURSELF STRONG! 
And of course, enjoy your stay!

Staff Life

I GOT AN EYE! Another eye, I mean uvu. I knew everyone would be interested on knowing that. Lady Rhoslyn earned a spot in the High Royal Council when such gift was offered to me. So you know, if you want to be part of my Royal Council, you better do something to make me happ-... to honor my Kingdom! 
As for the other members of the staff...well, things have been getting... "interesting". Finding out that a pentagon is developing among our tutors and some guests.
Hiems love 83294835-angles by PrinceYapi
 YOU GUYS DISGUST ME! *goes with Setlzer, you're the only descent one here unû *just angry cause he's not anywhere in the pentagon*. I am sorry my Queen, but I am a little disappointed of you. Though I've heard you have had "entertained" some of our guests, so I'll forgive you this time. 
There was also a intense discusion about how we ended up having a pack of animal tutors. We have our beautiful butterfly queen, the lovely shark with fish memory <3, then our fabulous sparky kitty >u<!.............................  and of course the angry hideous serpent *sticks his tonge out to Kazu* 
The discusion also included a part of what animals would then be the hosts. So we have an amazing axolotl... or as someone suggested Aggxolotl, and the fluffy huggable Boo as a teddy bear. Or a Teddy Boor!! Ehehehe. Eh?... what about me?......................I don't want to talk about that!!
Lucius Head Journal2s By Lukyanc-da0u3oz by LukyAnC

AH! I almost forgot, one of our guests (RisqueClique) is doing a hiems deck! If you want to be included in it, be sure to visit this… and follow the instructions/rules! 

And no matter what the cards say, I AM STILL A KING.

Mansion Mood

Just as expected, after the calm the mansion has started to be more active than usual, and the reason is surely this war. I mean, did you think there could be war and it not participating? Of course the mansion is doing its part, "helping" the guests to have more motives to participate on the war. So you better do something about before the mansion "helps" you too.

RP Prompt

Some guests have been acting weird, specially around the fountain tree. And with weird I mean... weirder than usual. As in, not only unusual situations, but actually crazy ones. Is like something around the fountain tree is making them act weird. Don't ask me! Is not like I have anything to do... hehehe. If interested, go look for me under the tree...

Weekly Features

The featured submission for Time Tower is...

Rhoslyn's Time Dress by RisqueClique

The featured submission for Moon Tower is...
smol dump by Jakeykitty29

The featured submission for Void Tower is...
so fly like a g6~ by Philomartina

The featured submission for Light Tower is...
[HM] Gift: Your hosts by SmoleyFace 
...probably there was too much light and everyone is dazzled...what a shame.

Guest of the Week

This week's guest is...


HM: Tilde by SmoleyFace
SpeciesFire Elemental
LikesFire, Heat, Jokes/Gags (It's a weakness), Serious matters, Trees, People saying she is serious (even though she isn't she just tries to be. Why? Find out ;) (Wink) )
DislikesPeople saying she isn't serious, HER HAIR CONSTANTLY BURSTING INTO FLAME, People breathing down her neck weirdly, Wearing skin tight shirts
Submitting art of the guest featured here will result in a 1.5 multiplier in ligts! The ligt booster only lasts for two weeks after the feature. 

Shidpoo's Weekly Victim

Shidpoo has chosen its' victim for the week, and it's...

HM: Tenari by AyaDuck

Have a nice least.. try.


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3:38 pm
Oct 22, 2016
2:55 pm
Oct 22, 2016
12:33 pm
Oct 22, 2016
6:44 am
Oct 20, 2016
7:48 pm




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